Police Brutality And The Media

Police Brutality

There has been many deaths and major injuries because of police brutality. although, in todays world the police officers are trained a certain way to deal with certain types of crime. On October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation was organized to stop police brutality from becoming a serious issue. Honestly if it wasnt for the media we wouldn 't know about the police brutality incidents, but they tend to over exaggerate the incidents that occur. Today 's media over exaggerates the police brutality incidents.

One way the media bashes the police, is that they were taught too brutal of ways in their training that was provided by the state. Even though, the police can
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No, the government can deal with the evidence that is given to them. And they can prosecute them because of their actions. But does the president really need to make a long speech about how the tactics used in the Ferguson case were unlawful against peaceful protesters. He was stepping way out of line, because he runs the government that teaches these officers how to react to certain situations. Again the president and the media were misled, there were several reports saying that this mob is getting out of control. So then the police stepped in before things got really bad, and had to use lethal tactics to break up the mob that was forming. Others may say the police took it way out of line and should have used less lethal tactics. But thats the way they are trained, they have to do whats right when they are put into that position. So the media and the government should learn to keep their noses where they don 't …show more content…
The media and the government should keep to themselves, and let nature take its course. And not interfere with the progress towards coming to a conclusion on the case. Also the media blows things way out of proportion, like in the Michael Brown case. Thirdly the media can misunderstand things that happened, and can potentially make things worse than naturally portayed. Then the police should learn how and when to draw the line, when they are tested to their limits. Finally the media shouldn 't be allowed to cover police brutality incidents that could eventually turn into mass riots, or cause major

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