Essay about Police Brutality And Police Enforcement

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Police brutality is something that can easily be found, whether in a news article, social media, or a new broadcast. Since the early years of law enforcement, police departments have taken numerous steps to prevent crimes through a tactic known as community policing. Which is the action of bringing police and citizens together to prevent crime and solve local problems (very poorly worded). Community policing is the most important and widely discussed solution to the current 21st century tensions between law enforcement officials and the local communities they police. Localized policing should be used to put emphasis on the prevention of crime rather than the traditional policing method of responding to crimes after they happen. Policing in the community allows law enforcement officials to accomplish their localized mission statements. Community policing should be a priority in our communities because it provides the community an opportunity to become better connected with surrounding departments by building a durable relationship, reinforcing trust, and ensuring a peace of mind that suits current local and world issues. (solid thesis 1/26/16)
Slowly evolving into a key process of preventing crimes since the Civil Rights Movement (also classified as the police-citizen crisis), community policing has exposed the weaknesses of standard policing techniques (Community Policing). The Civil Rights Movement focused solely on decompressing racial issues including segregation,…

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