Essay on Police Brutality And Its Effects On Society

1678 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
It seems like every month there is a new story covered in the news regarding police using inhumane force when handling a situation with a young black male. According to CNN, the most common form of police misconduct in today’s society is excessive force. There are so many ethical cops out there that do their jobs correctly and have never used violent force unless necessary. However, there are those few cops that use excessive force to get the job done. Those are the cops that we need to stop. Police brutality is becoming more prevalent and is causing a racial divide in society. By incorporating body cameras, having more oversight of police by civilians, ensuring better training, and incorporating a zero tolerance policy against officers, we can put an end to the rising problem of police brutality.
Body Cameras Many law enforcement departments have already begun equipping officers with body cameras or have issued a plan to begin using these devices. Although, there have been many actions that have already been taken to make wearing body cameras mandatory there is so much more that can be done. Recently, there has been a petition at the White House that has called for a Mike Brown Law. This law would require all police to wear an on body camera while on duty. The Mike Brown Law is aimed at not only reducing misconduct by police, but also to ensure that all police are following proper protocol when encountering civilians. By signing the petition to make this into a law we…

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