Police Brutality And Its Effect On Society Essay

1314 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 null Page
Everyone has their local cops who survey the area to look for crime and speedsters throughout the day. We live in this world where all you have to do is follow the rules also known as the law and respect it. What happens when the people, who you feel you could trust the most goes above and beyond the call of duty? Many people have this question on their mind, especially when you start to see videos all over the news and social media of cops making bad decisions, which you would never believe they would do. When people of cops, they think of a person that is there for their protection and someone you can trust at all times. Police Brutality has been seen through history on multiple occasions, but as of late it has gotten to an every week type situation. Most of the time the police officer is firing their gun at an unarmed civilian and taking their life. This is why the idea of requiring police offers to wear cameras as a part of their uniform has been brought to the public eye as a scream for help. Although some people may feel that police officers don’t need to wear cameras, the police are starting to get out of control with their behavior and how they respond, the cameras could be for their own protection and they could show how police discriminate against African Americans. In the news for at least the last year, police have gone viral on the news and social media on how they are using police brutality. Some videos show them killing unarmed civilians to them almost…

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