Police Brutality And Its Effect On Society Essay

2001 Words Dec 4th, 2015 9 Pages
What do people see in a police officer? When a police officer walks into a public area he or she is judged immediately due to recent news and stereotypes. The stereotypical officer with his or her gun strapped to their pants and sunglasses on their head stand out to the average eye. Society deems these individuals as too powerful and potentially harmful to the public for many reasons. Police brutality is a problem in the United States, however it happens on an occasion. Young people mainly think that most cops are unjust and abuse their power, sadly this is not the case. The wrongful stereotyping of police is sadly made because of the way cops look and the way the media dramatizes it, however police usually act in the right manner. The stereotype of cops acting in a wrong manner causes people to think less of cops. The thought that these police officers fire their gun unnecessarily at people or uses excessive force while arresting a suspect gets to the average human as it should. However, this happens very rarely. Police brutality is a reality in some cases, however this is definitely not always the case. Often times when someone thinks about police officers they think these negative thoughts of how bad and unjust they are. From a cops perspective these cases could be resolved or avoided perhaps with a little bit of confidence and trust (Gilmour 56, 60). Society in general would benefit by trusting cops because of the fact most are good because maybe if cops had more…

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