Essay on Police Brutality And Excessive Force

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On January 4th, 2008, 26 year old Tarika Wilson was home with her one year old child. Police officers busted down the door and opened fire, immediately killing both of them. The officers were looking for Tarika’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, who was under suspicion for dealing drugs. The killing of Tamika and her child affected her entire town of Lima, Ohio, and raised questions about police brutality reaching another level across America. Police brutality and excessive force have been hot topics for decades throughout history, and instances still occur today.
One of the most well known examples of potential excessive force from police officers is the Kent State Incident. In 1970, Nixon announced that there would be a draft of 150,000 more people into the vietnam war. A group of college students at Kent State University held a protest, this demonstration included setting fire to one of the school buildings. This act caused the governor of Ohio to send in 900 guardsmen into the college. On May 4th, twenty-eight of the guardsmen fired randomly into the crowd. This action killed four students and wounded nine others. Eight of the guardsmen were indicted, but the charges were dropped for all of them. This instance and others like it address a larger problem that asks why the first action of these officers was to fire instead of finding another way to deconstruct the situation. Only ten days after the Kent State incident, another case of police violence at a university took place…

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