Essay on Police Brutality : A Serious Problem Americans Face Today

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Police brutality is a serious problem Americans face today. Police brutality is taken into effect when an officer uses excessive physical contact, verbal attack, or psychological intimidation against a person without a logical reason for doing so. Police officials have been abusing their power and authority by their extortionate use of violence towards people. With civil disobedience continuously happening, there have been an exponentially increasing amount of cases that are lead by police brutality. By statistical research, there have been 2,931 arrest-related killings from the years 2003-2009. In many conflicts, the police are put into a position in which they may have to, or need to, use their force to control the situation encountered with citizens or civilians. In the perception of others and cases reported of police brutality, the question can be brought up, are there social inequalities directed towards certain ethnicities besides a white person in dealing with police encounters and the force used by the police? Most of the cases today in the topic of police brutality deal with the overuse of force used towards the victim and racial profiling. “The U.S. Department of Justice is stepping up its oversight of local police departments, pressuring them to limit the use of force in civilian encounters and eliminate racial profiling during traffic stops and other enforcement” (Jost 310).
The question that can be brought up is, are the police using violence correctly and…

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