Police Brutality : A Nationwide Issue That Affects The African American Race

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Police brutality is a nationwide issue that affects the African American race from old to young. Many have died due to racism known as police brutality; even in the year 2016 there is some form of slavery in our system. Everyday people lose family members due to incarceration and some to deadly murders in plain daylight by police. J.Cole’s video for “Be free” ties into the topic of police brutality; his video shows different scenarios of things that we as black individuals have to go through. Police brutality has been an issue for quite sometime; however, the act to eliminate the black race or to deteriorate it has also been done through slavery. It is proven that Native Americans and blacks are being killed at a higher rate in the United States. 194 African Americans have been killed by police this year at a rate of 4.86 deaths per million. It seems like no matter how many people die in the hands of cops they are always are considered unaccountable, and receive minor to no punishment. 1,200 people were killed by the police, zero officers were convicted of murder or manslaughter that year alone.”This is how many people police have killed so far in 2016”, Think Process, accessed October 3, 2016, https://thinkprogress.org/this-is-how-many-people-police-have-killed-so-far-in-2016-7f1aec6b7098#.9m90c7h8p. There has been so many incidents where police have gotten away with murder; for example Freddie Gray from Baltimore, Maryland. Freddie Gray a 25 year old african american…

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