Police Brutality : A Civil Rights Violation Essays

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Each year thousands of reports occur involving some sort of police brutality. Police brutality has been in the media for some time now. The media has altered viewpoints of every person in the nation, but could police brutality actually be going on? The legal definition of police brutality is “a civil rights violation that occurs when a police officer acts with excessive force by using an amount of force with regards to a civilian that is more than necessary”. Police brutality is when in any situation a civilian is harmed due to force by a police officer. Police brutality is continuing to be questioned because police officers are continuing to abuse their authority. Police officers are acting in brutal manners to control detained suspects. Police brutality can happen anywhere but statistically happen in fourteens of American’s largest nations. Including, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Boston, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. These cities have tried to stop police brutality but, unfortunately, have failed. Police have a civic duty to protect and serve individuals. Although, sometimes their power can ultimately be abused and cost innocent people their lives. The media has continued to publicly show police brutality and get answers for these innocent victims. The Mint Press News Desk reported that “776 people have been killed by police so far in 2015” (Mint Press). This study…

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