Police And Military Terror In Joseph Stalin

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The atrocities of the WWII era were caused by Joseph Stalin using police and military terror in the USSR to get rid of anyone he considered his enemy by locking them away in the Gulags, he used control of individuals by forcing farmers to combine their farms into mega farms, and Adolf Hitler used ideology to “purify” Germany of lesser races.
In the USSR Joseph Stalin used police and military terror to confine peasants in concentration camps known as Gulags where millions died of starvation and exhaustion. Totalitarian leaders used terror and violence to defeat anyone they considered their enemies. The leader’s goal was to protect the interest of his government rather than those of his people. They used cruel force, murder, as well as surveillance
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Anyone arrested was sent to an isolated concentration camp called Gulag where they were forced to work (Totalitarianism in USSR lecture 2/2/2016). In addition, Stalin wanted to completely dissolve the class of the peasantry known as the kulaks in 1929. The state was to decide who was considered a kulak and who was not. Many of those considered kulaks were sent to work in the concentration camps. Starting in the 1930s, Stalin sent criminals and innocent citizens to the Gulags forcing them to do backbreaking work. The camps were heavily patrolled by guards and the conditions were terrible. The people lacked clothing, insulated housing, and hygiene. In addition, the camps were overcrowded and the food ratios were scarce. The prisoners were forced to work in the construction of mines, factories, and canals where many died due to exhaustion, disease, and lack of food. By the end, between 1.5 million and 3 million people died in the gulags (Soviet Atrocities Handout). This demonstrates that police and military terror resulted in millions of deaths in the Gulags because Stalin forced the people to do backbreaking labor. By using …show more content…
Totalitarian leaders used their ideology to set goals for the state that they wanted to achieve. The government’s actions were solely based on what the leader believes. Hitler believed in the selective breeding of people in order to improve the human race and decrease the number of genetic “inferior” people (Holocaust Overview Packet). In 1934, Hitler passed a law that demanded the sterilization of anyone who had an alleged genetic disease or disorder which included mental illnesses and physical deformities. He wanted to save the racially ‘valuable’ and get rid of the racially ‘undesirable’ in order to strengthen Germany. Between 320,000 and 350,000 people were sterilized because they were considered mentally and physically handicapped (Holocaust lecture 3/1/2016). Later on, this law of sterilization led to the idea of killing the incurable people. The victims with these alleged hereditary diseases were mostly disabled children. They were brought in for medical exams, but instead of actually treating them, the children were suffocated to death by carbon monoxide in buses and in shower rooms. The parents were then told their children had died during treatment. By 1941, 70,273 people were killed in these centers (Holocaust lecture 3/1/2016). This demonstrates that Hitler’s ideology was

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