Police And Law Enforcement Essay

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No one ever holds the desire to inhabit or reside in a residential area in which they felt insecure. An unsafe community will reflect on the community and the society will consider action as they seek fit. Causing harm to someone is deemed wrong among society and a community as a whole. Those that act out with criminal behavior must be arrested and punished accordingly. The birth of policing branched of this process, even in American law enforcement currently. As anything else policing and law enforcement all were created and began somewhere. The history of police and law enforcement has a lengthy history going back decades ago up to now. In the early 1800s maintaining order had become a public concern, in which the Sir Robert Peel act was made to have a constabulary force, nevertheless there are still unique challenges faced by law enforcement officers today.
Going back to the 1800s, is when the history of police all began, 1829 to be exact. Preventing and maintaining order had become a concern for the community of people. What happens to a community’s citizens will cause the community to act out criminally. As it is stated in Lecture 3, (2015) a high increase in crime created a night watchmen system. The night watchmen put forth shifts, day time shifts and nighttime shifts. There were elected people selected to possess the power to uphold order and prevent crime. According to Gaines & Miller, (2007) “ A night watchmen system was an early form of American law enforcement…

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