Essay on Police And Law Enforcement Standards

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Since the forming of the first watchmen in 1635, law enforcement in the United States has played a crucial role in the forming of municipalities and the protection of citizens (National Law Enforcement Memorial, 2014). Law enforcement has seen many changes since induction, particularly due to necessity and advances in technology. Officers have gone from once strictly foot patrol to motor vehicles, from largely radio based information to in vehicle computers, and from revolvers to semi-automatic handguns. These changes, largely made for citizen and law enforcement safety have played an important role in the forming of current law enforcement standards. Today, law enforcement is once again in an era of change brought by technology and citizens demands for transparency. Once limited to police vehicles, cameras can now be mounted on the bodies of all officers recording all police incidents. Police body cameras must be immediately issued to all law enforcement officers because they assist in court trails, major incidents, and in the protection of citizens and officers.
Video footage from police body cameras will become a regularly displayed occurrence in court trails. The footage from the officers’ body camera will assist the officers in remembering important facts about the case. With a large amount of criminal cases taking two to three years before trail, officers commonly tend to forget minor important details of the case which may have been inadvertently left out of the…

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