Police And Law Enforcement Agencies Essay

1296 Words Jul 28th, 2016 null Page
New technological advances provide new options for police and law enforcement agencies, also it presents new challenges. Nowadays a great percentage of population owns some sort of portable recording device, they can range from a simple camera phone with very poor image and sound capacity, to a very sophisticated drone with high pixel camera, magnifying zoom, and global positioning system, but no matter what it is there is always something new and more advanced every day. Police need to keep up with the technological advances. Body-worn cameras are the latest technological adaptation for police forces and law enforcement agencies. The recording devices have great potential, the goal is to capture in the video most of the police interactions with civilians, and in situations where a recording could be helpful. The recordings will aid the prosecution as part of the evidence, the police force will see benefits of using the recordings as part of the ongoing training, and performance assessment of the officers.

Body-worn cameras are miniature audio and video recording devices, are usually placed in the lapel of the uniform of the police officer but they can be on the shoulder, or on the helmet (Bud, 2016). The capabilities of the cameras vary, depending on the model, brand, features and added accessories. Some of the older models have very limited capacity, only featuring low-resolution audio and video recording, newer models include larger data storage capacity, longer battery…

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