Police Accountability On An Individual Level Essay

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Discuss the main ways in which police officers are personally held accountable for abuses of power. Are these measures effective?
Police accountability has been a widely discussed issue from the very beginning of its official establishment under the Metropolitan Police Act 1829. Through the years public trust has been of great importance, as the public is one of the main groups, which the police is accountable to. In this essay, we will focus on accountability on an individual level rather than on an institutional level. The three main ways in which they are held accountable are through internal investigations and following of procedures or codes of conduct. Secondly, the legal accountability, which in upholding the rule of law no one can escape. Lastly, the independent police complaints commission (IPCC), which focuses on the importance of police scrutiny from fellow officers and individuals in society. However, once the main ways in holding police officers accountable have been established, it is important to discuss the actual effectiveness of said measures.

Internal mechanisms for ensuring accountability, means that codes of conduct and disciplinary measures are to be decided within the force. The individual police officers are a direct link to the public, as they interact with them on a daily basis. This is the main reason for the need of accountability, to ensure the police respond effectively and correctly to any situation. The system internally is set up in the…

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