Polar Bear Persuasive Essay

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Scientists have predicted that in 2050, the global polar bear population will be decreased by approximately 30%. This raises an important question, “Are polar bear’s numbers blooming, or are they endangered at this time?” Recent statistics have said that there are roughly 26,000 polar bears alive today, but what about the future, will they survive? Polar bears will eventually go extinct because they are having less litters of cubs, they are unable to adapt to any other environment, and since they are specifically adapted to cold climates, global warming poses a real threat to them. However, depending on the area that a certain polar bear population lives in, it could also contribute to whether that specific polar bear group will survive, go …show more content…
Since food is becoming scarce, and the arctic ice is beginning to disappear because of global warming, polar bear populations are forced to move south to other environments that belong to grizzly bears. These polar bear populations will not be able to survive in a different environment because they are only adapted to their own by physical features. For example, polar bears have white, hollow fur with black skin that allows them to camouflage in with their snowy environment. If they were to travel to a forest, then their white fur would give them a huge disadvantage when trying to catch prey because they would stand out. In addition, polar bears have large, flattened feet with webbing that allows them to walk on ice and swim. In a forest terrain, they wouldn’t be able to fully take advantage of their feet when they are hunting for prey, and they would not be able to utilize their skill of walking on ice. Also, if polar bears tried to co-exist with brown bears, then they would lose in competition with them. Although polar bears evolved from grizzly bears, these two species are very different. According to a study conducted in Polar Bears Unlikely to Survive in Warmer World, Biologists Say article, “‘The polar bear and brown bear can bite equally hard, but the polar bear’s skull is a much weaker structure’” (Para 3). This study is very beneficial in figuring out if polar bears are able to adapt to another environment because it tells us the main difference between these two species of bears; their skull structure. A grizzly’s skull is stronger and better suited to plant-rich diets, while a polar bear’s skull is weaker and is suited to blubber-rich diets. This is because grizzlies have molars that allow them to grind and break down plants, while polar bears have smaller teeth that are used to easily tear blubber. Polar bears would not be able to chew

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