Pokemon Black Monologue

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... you probably can't tell, but I'm living up to my title of Lord of the Sighs at the moment. Some of you might remember the SoulSilver Scrublocke back in, what was it, early June? Totally forgot to continue that. I decided to just scrap that project altogether and play one of my favorite Pokemon games thus far, Black, because I'm black, too. Genius jokes are genius. Now, for those who don't know what this is, allow me to explain. A Nuzlocke is basically a more advanced way to play the in-game story, in which if a mon faints, it is considered dead and must be placed in the box. You can only capture the first encounter in every area, if you fail, tough luck. Everything must be nicknamed. Simply in theory, annoying as hell in practice. I will also be using the …show more content…
Anyways, I got a present from my tree of a neighbor, holding three Pokemon. Now, explain why I can't take all three. Why on hell would I give some rare mons to my neighbors, one of which is a nerd and the other is a ditz. Speaking of the ditz, she comes late. I'm giving you what might as well be considered a legendary, and you decide to show up late? She's almost as bad as Whitney. Anyways, I make an "important and deliberate" choice in which I immediately picked up Snivy. I beat Bianca, but she ruined my room with Oshawott. The television, the wii, the desk, my bed, it's all gone because of her. This is why blacks hate white people. I get healed and beat Cheren's Tepig, nickname my Snivy Groot, because he is Groot, and got my Pokedex and Xtransciever (Apple Watch). I try to head onwards to Route 1, but these imbeciles are determined to think of me as an equal, despite how badly I beat them not even an hour ago. I go through some more tutorial obviously catered towards idiots, amnesiacs, and small children. I walk into the grass, then bam, the first encounter. The Locke has begun. The first encounter was a Level 3 Lillipup. Groot imitates a linebacker, tackling Lillipup twice before I threw

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