Essay on Point Of View Narrative Rough Draft

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Point Of View Narrative Rough Draft

I stared mortified at my sister Connie from the dress shop window. She was leaning up against the wall of the movie house whispering something to her very best friend Betty. Since leaving the house Connie’s appearance had changed dramatically. Leaving home in a presentable pair of shorts and blouse, that had since been modified revealing more of her thigh, her blouse was scantily laid off her shoulder to give her more sex appeal. Brandishing bright pink lipstick that made her look five years older. If mom or dad saw her dressed like that they would go ape for sure. Right then I pinned her beating feet towards the bridge with Betty on her tail leading to a local drive- thru restaurant across the way. That particular dive is a common hangout for every skuzz, greaser, flake, and easy chick in town. Half of the regulars there are easily two to three years older than the two young girls. Even so I have no doubt they are going over there to make out with some panty waste spongy boys. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe she gets away with all that she does. Our parents never had to worry about me doing such a thing. Good thing I’m not a fink because if Mom and dad found out this would surely create a huge Winnie. I sure hope she knows what she is doing. I bet she has no idea what it looks like for her to go associating with those kinds of dip sticks. Let alone presenting herself like that and what kind of unwanted attention it could…

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