Point Of Story: Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

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Journal #1
Part A: Summary
Gone Girl is a story by Gillian Flynn. The story is about a drifting marriage between Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne. On the morning of their fifth anniversary, Amy disappears, and there was a break-in scene in their house. By the end of the day, police and press invade Nick's home. The case drew the attention of the media and public, which turned the search into a treasure hunt and put the police under extreme pressure to find the suspect. As it turns out, Amy made up the missing case for her husband. She created clues to lead Nick to many important places in their relationship then finally to his anniversary present. The evidence against Nick continued to rise: blood loss on the kitchen floor, stacks of credit card bills,
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In each section, the story is told by one person’s point of view. Then in the next chapter, the story is told in another person’s point of view. The story moves forward and backward between present and past. The past tells the story before the disappearance, and the present tells the story after the disappearance, which makes the story intimate. Furthermore, it helps the reader understand the feeling of the character, and go deep inside the characters’ minds to see the inner struggles that each are experiencing. The way the story is told also gives the readers chances to examine their opinion of the narration and discuss how narrators behave in the story as the story is changing every time the narrator perspective. It showed the common sense the story was told by the first-person point of view, …show more content…
Gone girl has developed character by revealing the real personality with the flow of the story. In the beginning of the story, Nick and Amy seem like they have everything, they are a perfect couple, have good jobs, famous. However, after the marriage, Nick showed that he has changed his personality. He is not more than a skittish man. As he starts to get bored about Amy and looking for some new, which is his college student. Not only that, Amy has changed from a sweet to be a tough woman after she saw Nick hung out with his college student which made her jealousy and disdain rise up. She is also very smart when she set up a case for Nick which almost made him go to jail. In conclusion, they both changed to negative side as the suspect and trying to control over

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