Essay about Poetry Midterm Fall 2016 By Robert Frost

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Cheeranjiva Dhanrajh
Speech 160
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Mid Term
Poetry Midterm Fall 2016 In the poem, In a Disused Graveyard by Robert Frost, the speaker is unknown. This is because the poet does not give any clues whatsoever about who the poet is. Also, there is not any specific occasion happening here. You can tell this because the persona is portraying a feeling rather than describing a specific occasion. The time of the poem is not stated, rendering it not important to the poem. The poem takes place in a sullen graveyard that is not used anymore. For example the poem states, “The graveyard draws the living still, But never anymore the dead.” This shows how the graveyard is disused because the dead are not buried there anymore. Nevertheless, the living still come to visit the dead. The central idea of the poem is about the unwillingness to die. This is because the living come to the graveyard, not out of affectionate attachment, but of curiosity. For example the poem says, “So sure of death the marbles rhyme, Yet can 't help marking all the time, How no one dead will seem to come. What is it men are shrinking from? It would be easy to be clever, And tell the stones: Men

Dhanrajh 2 hate to die.” This portrays that the living are unwilling to die because they come and visit the graves out of curiosity and never bring the dead anymore.
The poem is about…

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