Poetry Is A Courier Of Human Emotion Essay

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Burning Poetry, your one and only destination for aspiring poets on the coast. In this week’s episode we will be discussing the importance of poetry within modern society through the analysis of poetry from our past.
Poetry has been included in many cultures throughout the course of history. It was, and is still, one of the most engaging, creative and vital means of storytelling for religious, cultural and entertainment purposes. Poetry is a courier of human emotion; an author can express their feelings into a form of creative literature interpretable to a wide audience.
Poetry is still immensely important within modern society. It allows humanity as a collective to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, highlighting momentous incidents of sorrow and greatness from our past. It can also develop us personally, as poets can see their feelings articulated on the paper in front of them, which can further resonate with readers and their various interpretations of the individual script.

John Agard is an influential figure in British poetry; his imaginative use of language creates and perpetuates a strong connection to the issue or subject highlighted in his poems. Maura Dooley, a respected author and poet in her own right, said of Agard “His poems are direct and arresting, playful, full of startling imagery, and are hilarious, passionate and erotic as often as they are political - often managing to be all these things at…

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