Personal Narrative: The Language Of Poetry

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The language of poetry

I have found myself in this situation many times before. The whole class staring at me because I started to speak, but what stumbles out seems to be foreign from what was in my head. I catch sight of what I am trying to say and I know it is perfect, yet the words are jumbled and hesitant. Everyone contemplating what they have heard, even though I swear they did not come out of my mouth. Which builds a wall between them and I, a language barrier restricting them from me and my mind. I look as though I am clueless, as I am stupid. Expectations of the world around me seem to hold me by the tongue, toxicate my thoughts, and most tragically tame my language. Since grade school, I have always been classified as almost there,
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Your environment and the people populating it, shape the way you communicate throughout your life. I have grown up around English my whole life, so when the concept of language was first brought to my thoughts, I did not think much of it. I figured that since I speak the majority, language did not affect me. Yet as I searched deeper within, I have come to realize the way I write, talk, comprehend, is my very own language. No two people speak the same, write the same. That would be boring. Everyone has their personal language, it is unique and constantly developing, adapting just as you are. Language is just as diverse as your race or your genetic …show more content…
Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven 's claws. I am a child of visualization, and poetry translates images into words. Once I can see it, I can understand it. Poetry, according to oxford dictionary, is “the literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.” Poetry is the art of manipulating words into expressing one 's emotions. A genre full of endless varieties. Unlike other styles of writing, poetry pays attention to where lines should break and where the words should fall. The form is the beauty of a poem. It is written using an evocative style , meaning bringing vivid images, memories, or emotions to mind. Making your reader feel what you desire them to, connecting them to something deeper through your words. These words become the bridge, allowing them to cross into your world. Poetry has a specific structure, form, tone, word choice and various elements to create the effect you, the poet, are trying to fulfill. I am drawn to poetry because of the lack of supervision, “poetry is anarchy ”. It puts me in a state of intimacy and vulnerability never experienced outside of a piece of paper. It gives whomever the audience may be an insight into the secret garden of my mind, my ideas, my beliefs and feelings. Ever since I found the

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