Poetry And The Visual Arts Essay

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Have you ever contemplated that something may be so close yet so far? As such saying that goes by, “Good from far, far from good.” Truth be told, this is in fact in unity with what is Poetry and the Visual Arts. Therefore, the two are something that you can value, you can feel within yourself and understand more than life itself even if you don 't have it at arm 's length. Poetry could have its many controversies and its meanings between being deep, life touching, mind consuming and realistic. Also, visual arts tend to give an individual a better understanding to view from their perspective more on the poem. You could simply grasp the concept by having read a poem and viewing the image behind it to apprehend what it’s truly based on. In this section Poetry and the Visual Arts, I have come across a variety of wonderful art pieces construed by skilled painters along with their meaningful poems. The poems go more into depth and detail of what the art is made out to be. These visual arts shown in this chapter are made out of different materials, techniques and by all means formed by different meanings. Studying the actuality of Poetry and the Visual Arts based on my intellect proves to me the phrase that a picture truly is worth a thousand words and that personally sums it up for me as to what this revolves around. I have found a mere interest in the poems followed by the arts in this chapter.
With that said, one of the first captivating poems and visual art I will be…

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