Poetry Analysis Paper of Edgar Lee Masters and Amy Lowell

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Hope versus Passionate Love
Two poets can be both alike and different, just as the two poets Edgar Lee Masters and Amy Lowell are Edgar Lee Masters and Amy Lowell write poetry about life, finding love and experiencing loss in very different ways, but both are successful in bringing about a truly touching connection with their readers. These two poets have an extraordinary ability to attract their audiences, by using both romanticism and modern techniques in their writing. Amy Lowell said it best when she said, “A poet feeds on beauty as a plant feeds on air,” and both of these poets are obviously very talented and successful in using natural beauty to be a driving force in their poetry. In her book Tendencies in Modern American Poetry,
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She appreciates nature and what it gives her; nature is life and life is nature. Both give way to the other in her mind and without one, the other suffers deeply if not eternally. In the first line of this stanza, she uses the word “holiday” which indicates a vacation of sorts, whether it be from daily chores around the house or just a “get away” from the grueling demands of being a wife and mother. Even though Lucinda often goes on walks to find herbs that hold medicinal value so that she can use them on her family, it is obvious that she takes much pleasure on these walks. Tending to her family was essentially her work, but she enjoyed it and she felt very thankful to have what she did. David Kelly writes in his critical essay, saying of Masters’ ability to write about nature saying, “Masters has completely linked the concept of nature to Lucinda’s personality” (37: 179). Edgar Lee Masters uses nature, hope, life and loss to bring feeling to his work. Lowell also writes of Masters saying, “…he sees things broadly, flatly, but he sees them with extraordinary precision and clarity” (158). This statement is a declaration of how Masters not only saw the truth and reality in things, but also saw the good in things even when the good was hard to see.
Amy Lowell is quite a brilliant author herself; she uses some of the same literary aspects in her literature. She, like Masters writes about life

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