Essay on Poetry Analysis of Third Eye by Muhammod Darwish

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Max Bonetti
Mrs. Onorato
English – World Classics 29th October 2012
Third Eye View “He Opens Wide a Third Eye…” by Bei Dao in his written work Old Snow, is a narrative of one mans life and his epiphany on society as life and death would influence it. Bei Dao shows a man looking through a “third eye” or “inner eye” view, a very mystical and spiritual way to look at life that only the most enlightened peoples have been able to observe.
The poem by Bei Dao starts off by a man opening wide his third eye, showing that finally this man has achieved enlightenment by spiritual guidance or by another catalyst of sorts and shows that he is now disconnected from the “world” and is in his own mind to see what the “world” has to tell him and
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In the start of stanza two the man is now thinking heavily about his life and does not know where his spiritual journey will take him, yet he sits calm and contemplates the theory of his life. Now underwater, once again in a new surrounding the man see’s a new outlook on life but still has no idea in which direction or mind set in which he will take it.
Calm, stable, and fully submerged in water he sits and waits to see a new light. He controls his feelings and is now open to all aspects of life, not knowing where to turn he looks forward as a dark cloud approaches him – a school of fish. The fish are looking at him and confused of an outside influence. We can view the school of fish as people on earth and the man sitting in the water as their surroundings and how he will now influence them. The fish seem to be so flustered by something new and alien life that they don’t know how to act its an obstacle in the way of their path yet none of them know where to turn.
Looking around the man see a flashing light above him, a golden coffin of freedom – an easy way out. Even though he is stuck under the water, or stuck on earth he sees this as a prison, his life is locked up forever in his own flesh, skin and bones. Taking in more of his surroundings the man sees people standing idly behind a giant rock as if they are of great importance and have been watching him the

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