Poem, One Art By Elizabeth Bishop Essay

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In the poem, One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop, the speaker, presumably a women, talks about how to common lose is in our lives, how lose can and should be accepted easily, and what types of things are easily lost. As the poem progresses, the speaker talks about losing personal items and how its not the end of the world. Although, at the end of the poem, the women opens up and explains that she cannot handle lose, especially the one that she is going through of someone very special to her. The speaker explains that this type of lose might be a disaster. The speaker starts off as a rational, yet insensitive and concealed person who sees loss as not such a big deal, but does so by not caring about the loss at all. Although, as the poem continues, we see that she becomes more reasonable and thoughtful about lose. The speaker begins to explain that lose might not be a disaster, but should not go unnoticed and uncared about. In the last stanza, we see that the speaker as emotional and vulnerable by her emotion. The speaker evolves from a thoughtless person into a very emotionally person who in fact, needs help in consoling her loss of a beloved one, rather then seeing it as not a disaster and moving on.
The speaker reveals herself to be a rational, but also thoughtless person by talking about how easy it is to lose something, and that some items are supposed “to be lost [and] that their lose is not disaster.” (3) The speaker is revealing her lack of care for purchased items and says…

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