Poem Essay: Racism Must Be Stopped

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Racism Must be Stopped Yessica Felipe
Nebraska Methodist College

Racism Must be Stopped
Racism should not exist because it causes many problems in today’s society. Racism exists because people are taught to believe that they are superior than others because of the characteristics they possess. Parental figures should educate their children to treat everyone the same. Parents have the responsibility to shape their children's behaviors towards others and prevent them from treating others rudely. We should treat everyone the same no matter their race, religion, skin color or the place they come from. Everyone should be educated in school to treat everyone the same.
Racism is wrong and one of the many possible
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It can destroy the lives of many and it can even lead to horrific outcomes. I have personally experienced racism once or twice that I recall. I will say that I am very fortunate that I do not experience racism often. Because there are many others that their lives consist of daily racism. An awful experience that I had was during the 2016 presidential election. I was at the store with my mother. We were buying our groceries on a typical Saturday night. When a lady from behind says “This is America you should speak English, not Spanish.” The lady was directing her comments towards my mother and me. I was extremely shocked that I had experienced a very irritating situation. I couldn't believe that because I was speaking Spanish to my mother that I would face a very unpleasant situation. Another situation that affected my life was at school and it also involved the 2016 presidential election. The day after November 8th which was the day after the Presidential nomination was very strange and distressing for me. That day at school there were many people who said negative comments toward Hispanics. I remember that day because the hallways were unusually quiet. It was odd because the hallways were never quiet at school. I could feel tension in the air which was something that I had never experienced until that day. The incident that brought out people to act repugnant was the negative image and comments that an authority figure …show more content…
Many people do not understand how important racism is regarding problems that arise between different groups of people all over the world. Such as the problems that many White Americans had with African Americans in the 1900s. African Americans faced an awful amount of injustices by White Americans because of their skin color. They were attacked in the streets, busses and at school. Racial segregation occurred at school and in public facilities. African Americans where not allowed to use the same bathroom as White Americans and they had to give up their seats on busses to White

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