Poem Analysis : ' The Poem ' Essay

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The first poem that I chose to revise was the persona poem. I chose this poem because it was the best poem that I wrote this unit. It also stands out to me the most. I didn’t make a lot of errors in this poem compared to the rest of my work. The biggest problem that I had was that I was never descriptive when I was talking about the small library. I went back through the poem and found places and ways to provide more description. My original poem went from “There was never a day that my father was not in this room” to “I would beg him to read me some of his wonderful books.” Looking over this part of the poem, I realized that this would be a great place to break of the poem. I decided to split these two sentences and add a whole section describing the room. I described how the wood and floors look and what the chair looked like that he father would sit in. After writing this part, I realized that it made the poem more impactful to the reader. Starkey says in Creative Writing: An Introduction to Poetry and Fiction that imagery freezes time (41). This is something that I really needed to do in this poem. It relates well to the content of the poem as well because the woman in the poem is talking about moments that are frozen in time for her.
The next change that I made in this poem was adding more detail to the woman’s feelings of her father’s passing. When I first wrote it, I didn’t really pay any attention to the fact that her feelings did not come across to the reader. I…

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