Where Done Stanza 4

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Stanza I
“I was ignored,
I was denied,
I was startled,
Enough that I was depressed
And told that I can't do anything.”

Explanation / Exegesis
When I started to move, was rejected, denied and even ignored to the work I was doing, enough that it started depressing and somehow internally it diverges me to an end.

Stanza II
“But somewhere in the mean while
I became an introvert
Still though I did not lose hope to what I want to be!
Because I've learnt about the excellence with the perfection later on.”

Passing through these situational conditions, I started bothering myself; taking another turn of life, without getting affected to what people say! I didn’t lose hope and still gravitating to the path of excellence.

Stanza III
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Stanza V
“But yes, I did it...
I did it with all my ignorance, rejection and depression that people gave me
Because again,
I have learnt to "Never say Never"
I was taught not to compel yourself for the ideas of others”

Still I kept moving though people had given me so much of negativity and in spite getting rejection I got more stronger towards moving higher & higher and taught myself to “never say never” along with one more life-lesson to not compel yourself or change yourself, intimidating others.

Stanza VI
“I don't intimidate
I am the Best yet, and my Best is yet to come
Change started coming my way,
Showing them what I am made of
Because I was born to be biggie
Born to be somebody”

One habit is within, that I don’t copy anybody and I’m the best enough that you haven’t seen till now, what my best is! With all these, gradually, time started to change and I got myself to be born to be biggie.

Stanza VII
“I tried-n-tried-n-tried
Anddon’t know how many times, I got jolt on the

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