Essay about Poem Analysis : ' A Summer 's Day '

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Shall I Compare Thee?
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer 's Day," is a poem written by William Shakespeare. This poem clearly describes the complexion of summer by praising the beauty of nature. The poet 's tone of the poem is elegant with a romantic setting, because summer is a time of lightness and happiness. What makes this poem more intriguing is that the poet uses the theme of the poem to bring out the meaning of love and paint his feelings for his beloved one. To unravel a deeper understanding of this sonnet, the poem is divided into three sections: the first quatrain, the second quatrain, the third quatrain.

When analyzing “Sonnet 18” the reader may think it would be easy the poem seemed very straightforward, the poet makes the reader think of a perfect summer day. My first thesis sounded a bit like ” The poem made me think about its astounding beauty, and thinking of the beauty of this young woman who is more beautiful than the pure beauty of true nature. Even in the title “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, gets you excited and ready to daydream summer? I think that if this poem were to be read to any person, they’re heart would immediately melt”. After doing research the reader should realize wow this poem has a deeper meaning. The poet uses quatrains, the hard part is breaking down quatrain by quatrain to explain what Shakespeare is trying to say and how very little shakespeare 's first time readers do not know.

The speaker of the poem opens with a question…

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