Essay On Pneumatology

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For the kids:
Lesson: There are three persons of God; God the Father, God the Son, and the third is who we will be talking about today. This is God the Holy Spirit! Do you ever feel like God is telling you something? Something like “You should invite your friend to church this week.” Or “You should go talk to that kid over there, they are having a hard day and need a friend.” When you hear or feel that, that is the Holy Spirit guiding you. God has a plan for us, but we don 't always know his plan. He tells us in our Bibles or sometimes when we pray, but we also have the Holy Spirit to help us know what God’s will is for us. The Holy Spirit also helps us read our Bibles, something they can be hard to understand so we will pray to God that he will
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It can be hard to hear God sometimes.
Craft/ take home paper: Write out a question or prayer request you have for God, it can be anything you want. Every day this week pray about this, ask God for an answer, but also ask for the patience and ability to wait and listen for an answer. Some of you may hear the answer that you want, some may hear the answer you don 't want, and some may hear nothing. If you hear nothing that does not mean God isn 't talking to you, it means that God is telling you to wait. Remember to practice listening while doing this exercise.
For the parents:
The Holy Spirit is God working through us and in us. He is an equal person of God with as much power and authority as the Father or Son. Because of the language we use and miscommunication through the Church it is a common belief that the Spirit is less than the other persons of God. Be sure that you do not give this impression to the kids. Do this by avoiding calling the Spirit “it” and by emphasizing his power. The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of the promise Jesus made as he ascended into heaven, that he would send the Spirit to fill us and be in us

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