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PM 598 Final Exam Keller

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Product Description

TCO A) All the below are tools and techniques of conduct procurement, except (Points : 5)

(TCO A) All the below are tools and techniques of control procurement, except (Points : 5)

(TCO B) Proper selection criteria are critical for a successful project. All of the below would be considered good selection criteria for a buyer to use to select a seller, except (Points : 5)

(TCO A) Why are the project schedule and the project budget inputs of plan procurement?

(TCO B) You are creating your SOW for inclusion into the RFP. You wish to include both qualitative and quantitative evaluation
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When is each appropriate for a given contract? (Points : 20)

(TCO E) You have been assigned to do a make-or-buy analysis. What factors will you likely include in your make-or-buy evaluation? (Points : 20)

(TCO E) Describe the buyer's plan procurement process of the contract management process as it relates to creating a RPF. Give an example of the activity that takes place in each step. (Points : 20)

(TCO G) Often in the procurement closeout process, a procurement audit is done. What is a procurement audit, and what is the purpose of a procurement audit? (Points : 20)

(TCO G) Describe and compare and contrast the buyer's and seller's actions in the control procurement phase of the contract management process. Give an example for each. (Points : 20)

TCO F) "The side that does the most research and planning will often come out best in any negotiation." Do you agree with this statement? Do you disagree with this statement? Defend your position with examples and other information. (Points : 20

(TCO F) Describe a memorandum of understanding and letter of intent. (Points : 20)

(TCO H) What does the uniform commercial code (UCC) state regarding price and warranty? What if a price is not specified in an agreement? What if a price is specified in an agreement? Does the UCC modify the price? What about a warranty? What rights does the buyer have for a guarantee under the UCC? What protection is

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