Pluto Telecommunications Essay

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This text critically examines organizational behavior in Pluto Telecommunications through analysis of the relationship among the job design, motivation, structural form and the work culture. The Managing Director of Pluto Telecommunication came to understanding that the three departments within the organization: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service do not communicate with each other which have a direct negative impact on the company’s performance. Further investigations show that the three departments are different in term of what motivates the employees, the time span for achieving the goals, culture established within the departments and the structural forms within the departments. The organizational dilemma is how to balance out …show more content…
Nevertheless, each organization has informal groups created by the employees in response to their psychological and social needs. The formal groups are managed by the managers through enforcement of authority. Max Weber (1947) argues that the legitimate authority can be applied only in bureaucratic organizational form. While the bureaucracy was viewed for a long time as an effective way of directing employees’ efforts, its rigidity and level of formalization had unconstructive impact on the level of motivation and performance and it tends to hinder the cross functional collaboration and strangle further innovation and improvement within the organization. The information given in the Pluto Telecommunication’s case study insinuates that the organizational structure in the firm is rather flat with further functional departmentalization. The structure is further characterized with non-collaborative relationship between the departments. The priorities and the objectives of the departments outweigh the priorities and the objectives of the organization (Child, 2005) and the departments in Pluto became self – functioning and rather independent units. Each of these units is further differently structured. For instance, the Marketing team is team

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