Plutarch's Julius Caesar

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Brittany Greaney
Western Civilization


Plutarch a Greek who lived from 46 AD to 120 AD wrote about many great Roman men. He was known for being a historian and biographer with a unique style of writing. Plutarch believed that history was propelled by the victories of great men. Plutarch believed that great men shaped the future of other individuals and the state. He was a historian in his own sense, being that he was more interested in showing the valor and tenacity of great romans such as Caesar, Marcellus, and Cato the elder, then just taking down their lives. Plutarch’s idea of men who deserved to be written about were ones who achieved in war, politics, and love. As you read the different lives he writes about you
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In the writings of Caesar’s life many of the other great Rromans that Plutarch writes about come into play. Caesar is said to be the climax and conclusion of the Roman Empire. From the beginning of his story you can tell that all Caesar wants is to be the King of Rome. Plutarch shows how Caesar learned from the great men who came before him in order to be greater then them in his time. He followed in the footsteps of Marius by using his wars with the northern tribes to compete with the senatorial conservatives. He took ideas from Sulla as he fought a civil war to show proof he could rule and then assumed dictatorship to restructure the republic. At this point its clear that he is becoming a tyrant and has many future plans for Rome. Unlike the many men he shaped his acts after, he knew that radical change was needed and the the patches were not working anymore. At one point Caesar is quoted saying he would rather rule a native village then ever come in second in Rome. (297) His ambition to achieve great things is a huge building block of his life. Caesars biggest problem was the fact that the Roman people did not want a …show more content…
The way people in Caesars life see him changes between great love and great hate for him. Early on Caesar wins the hearts of the Roman people and they show him great honor for that. At this point though it is clear that Caesar is just using them in order to gain power and status. He continues to be loved by them when he comes back from winning many battles, but they quickly come to hate him after the Lupercalia episode. The same thing is seen with his soldiers who make it very clear that they see him as a brave and great leader. They show their love for him in fighting for him in many battles including their battle against Pompey, but they begin to hate him when they see no end or reward to war. Losing the support and love of the Roman people and his soldiers he turns to his friends and associates in Rome. This is where Caesars life comes to an end, when the people he trusted the most take him out. With all of the enemies that Caesar made throughout his life of climbing the political ladder he lost his life to Brutus, one of his most trusted

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