Pluralism In Democracy

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With unfettered patriotism and false pretenses, the United States exudes great pride in its democratic system. Every four years the people disconnect their impenetrable gaze from their televisions and phone screens to go out and express their civic duty to vote. Only to return, November 9th, to American mainstream culture, characterized by ignorant complacency and weapons of mass distraction for another four years. More and more people, however, are coming to realize that the state of our democracy, founded in ideals of freedom and equal representation of our votes and voices, is a lie. Thanks to the historic campaign of Bernie Sanders and his growing social justice movement, an anti-establishment political revolution has begun to uncover the corruption, greed, and inequality that is embedded into our political system. A system designed and ran by the capitalist elite for the benefit of the capitalist elite. …show more content…
They strive to understand exactly who governs and benefits from the current arrangement of our political and economic structure. Pluralism is one analysis of power dynamics, postulating that the decision making within politics is in the hands of government institutions. Also present are non-governmental organizations representing competing interests whose influence on politics is distributed evenly, much like the equal allocation of resources for which they use to enact policy in their favor. This pluralist view of political influence and power perpetuates the ideology that claims the resources obtained by these organizational entities are accessible and attainable to everyone, which the growing extent of overwhelming economic inequality

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