Essay on Plots Ideas Are Not The Best Thing Ever

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I know these plots ideas are not the best thing ever, but we can expand off of those ideas and I have no problem if you want to change a role or go with a different idea.

My first plot idea is where a crossdressing secretary that is used to having a good amount of money is going broke, due to his spending habits or maybe he suffered a setback. Not wanting to lose his lifestyle, he decides to meet with his boss 's son who agrees to lend her some money if he develops a relationship with him.

My second plot idea is about a wealthy crossdresser who is unhappy with his marriage, since the fire in his relationship is no longer there. However his half brother has caught his eye over the past few months and notices how he looks back at him the same way. So he decides to have a affair with him.

My third plot idea is about a rich kid has spent many years, having feelings for his crossdressing half brother and he is well aware of it. When their parents go away on a trip, they leave the crossdresser in charge and expressed how important is it. However the two have develop other plans after meeting each other.

My fourth plot idea is where a wealthy young man meets a masked crossdressing figure at the ball, who turns out to be his teacher and ends up having a loving relationship with him.

My fifth plot idea is where a crossdresser who is powerful in his own right; being a powerful mobster. He upholds a pure facade while indulging in some of the most scandalous and heinous…

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