Plot Summary And Personal Response Essay

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Plot Summary and Personal Response

Books 1-3
The first book starts with a conflict between Achilles and Agamemnon, during the Trojan War. The Achaeans had plundered a nearby city and had taken the daughter of a priest of Apollo. The priest came with gold to plead for his daughter back, but Agamemnon refused. The priest called upon Apollo to bring his wrath down upon them, causing Apollo to unleash a plague. The plague raged until Agamemnon returned the girl. Agamemnon then claimed Achilles’ ‘prize’ Briseis as compensation, despite Achilles threatening to leave the army. Achilles then asked his mother, Thetis, to procure the aid of Zeus for the opposing army. Thetis did this, and Zeus agrees to help. Zeus sent a dream down to Agamemnon telling him that if he attacks now, he will take Troy. Agamemnon gathered his troops, telling them that they can depart for their home, because the gods abandoned them. This was a way of testing their spirit. They all ran to the boats to leave. Athena came to hearten Odysseus, who then rallied all the troops back for battle, except Achilles and his troops who stayed behind to brood. Homer then listed all of the troops from the two armies. The armies met and Paris, who began the conflict, challenged any of the Achaean leaders to single combat. Menelaus accepted which caused Paris to hide in fear. Hector reprimanded him for his cowardice. Paris and Menelaus battled. Paris would have died in combat, except Aphrodite whisked Paris back to…

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