Plessy V. Ferguson Case Essay

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Plessy V. Ferguson was a Supreme Court case that first laid out the idea of “separate but equal”. This court case explains the segregation laws that were set out and why blacks cannot participate in certain events. The Simple Justice film shows the various court cases and the transformation of the society leading up to the Brown V. Board of Education Topeka decision, which declared that separate public schools for blacks and whites were unconstitutional. Thurgood Marshall attended Howard University with the intention of becoming a lawyer. Little did he know that only one-third of the class would succeed, and he was a part of that one-third. Thurgood Marshall, with the help of Charles Houston, Dr. Kenneth Clark and a couple others, helped end segregation in public schools. When Thurgood started out in law school his teacher, Charles Houston, had it out for him. Considering Thurgood acted like a smart aleck, Charles wasn 't too fond at first. When Thurgood completed law school, Charles and him had created a bond. Throughout the time Thurgoood tried to reverse Plessy, many challenges came his way. It wasn 't until June of 1950 that the NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, decided to officially go after Plessy. Walter White was the head of the NAACP and helped lead the organization. A major turning point that opened many of Thurgood’s colleagues was the study Dr. Kenneth Clark had conducted. His studies had shown that many children in the deep…

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