Plessner And Heidegger Analysis

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1. Human-world
One of the main keys to understand the human desire for inventing and using artifact lies in perceiving the Plessner and Heidegger´s mindset of human finiteness. In spite of that, Plessner and Heidegger look at the same thing – human finiteness – in two opposite ways, but understanding the differences between these two approaches to human´s constraints, helps us to analyze author´s perspective of human´s thirst to traverse the gap that detached him from the world in two categories of Externalist and Internalist.
Finiteness in time
Heidgger´s point of view of departure lies in the finiteness in time (De Mul, ). For instance, writing – as an artifact – emerges present and future. Since it makes it possible to pass our experience
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According to Plessner, the living body distinguishes itself from the lifeless because, as opposed to the lifeless, it not only possesses contours but is characterized by a boundary, and consequently by the crossing of this boundary. Moreover, the living body is characterized by a specific relationship to its boundary, that is, by a specific form of positionality. (251-252)¨Man tries to escape the unbearable eccentricity of his being, he wants to compensate for the lack that constitutes his life form. Eccentricity and the need for complements are one and the same. We should not understand ‘need’ in this context psychologically or as something subjective. It is something that is logically prior to every need, drive, tendency or will. In this fundamental need or nakedness we find the motive for everything that is specifically human, the focus on the irrealis and the use of artificial means, the ultimate foundation of the technical artefact and that which it serves: culture.(Plessner 1975: 385)¨. By putting the emphasis on the spatial dimension and assign a central role to our body, we may see why robot makers in ´Autofac´ invented a Quasi-human robot and implement human voice in it. In fact, this is raised from the need of the markers to cross the boundary that separates them from human, since they see the world through the eyes of what they make (as extension for each part of their bodies). In this sense, human try to invent such auto factories which be able to replicate itself, is the result of human need to escape the unbearable eccentricity of his being. But human endeavor to communicate is not limited to machine maker. For instance, creating the word ¨ Pizzled ¨

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