Pleasure And Pain : The Moral Life Essay

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In this paper I will argue that pleasure and pain are imperative in the moral life. My main reason is that in order to live a moral life you must be morally virtuous, which involves pleasure and pain which are always paired with actions and feelings. The crucial importance of pleasure and pain and its role in the moral life are statements that are more likely to be true then false.
Aristotle was a very influential philosopher who focused on the happiness principle and all that happiness entailed: “The Nicomachean Ethics”. He thoroughly discussed the realms in which happiness can be achieved, with in the realms are the key concept of virtues; moral and intellectual. In his literature he said “If the virtues are concerned with actions and feelings, and every feeling and every action is always accompanied by pleasure or pain, on this ground too virtue will be concerned with pleasure and pain” (Aristotle, 35). How this is to be understood is that every feeling and action an individual has occurs in relation to pleasure or pain.
In Aristotle’s work he stated and upheld that: “Happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with perfect virtue” (Aristotle, 27). With that said, moral goodness and moral virtue both involve the presence or future presence of pleasure and pain, and pleasure is seen as a meaningful part of achieving happiness by most (Aristotle, 191). Meaning that pleasure and pain are a part of the external goods needed to attain the supreme end of…

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