Playstation Product Life Cycle Essay

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PLC Case Study: Sony Computer Entertaiment Inc.
Nestor Herrera
October 30, 2015

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., is a multinational company that serves as a subsidary of Sony Corporation, with main head quarters in North America. Sony is responsible of delivering some of the most innovative and best selling products in the electronics market. For this case study, the main focus will be on one of Sony´s most successful brand, the Playstation, and how the company have manage the product life cycle of its Playstation products, putting an emphasis on the PLC of its first product, the Playstation 1. The case study will also evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies used to mantain the Playstation brand among the leaders of the market
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The rapid growth stage of the PS1 lasted from 1995 to 1998, when it had already sold over 5 million units world-wide, and in may of 1996 Sony dropped the retail price from the initial $300 to $200, increasing even more popular its popularity.
Decline Stage
As technological advances improved faster every year, and due to the success of the PS1, by the turn of the new millenium Sony had already announce the launch of its Playstation 2, a much more advance console than its predecesor. With all the hype that this breakthrough generated, it was only natural that the PLC of the PS1 was beggining to brace into the decline stage. However, the PS1 was still commercially active and kept on selling untill the company stopped giving customer service in 2007, a year after the PS3 was launch.

Sony has manage their PLC of their Playstations in an exceptional manner, from the PS1 to its newest version the Playstation 4 released in late 2013. With the PS2 becoming a massive success by becoming the best selling home video game console of all time, with over 150 million units sold throughout its PLC. It seems as if Sony have always been on their prime as they strategically renew their product once it starts reaching the decleine stage, which helps to mantain a satisfyed and customer base. In general, the PLC of a Playstation depends on how fast are technological advances

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