Essay On Playing The Game Spent

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Playing the Game Spent
A person of the working poor has challenges when having to disburse funds for the whole month. They may have to fund such things as healthcare coverage, rent, travel costs, food, and other monthly expenses while living on a limited income. When Playing the Game Spent it was difficult to utilize allotted funds to pay for monthly expenses.

Two out of the three times it became apparent early in the month money quickly was nonexistent and then the game ended. Twice when playing the game spent, by the ninth day of the month, the budget was gone. Not paying expenses or ignoring issues it appeared the monthly budget would last the entire month. Making it through a full month on limited income was and is for many people impossible, unless healthcare issues, car repairs, food, cell phone, and car insurance, just to name a few are not paid or ignored. It appeared evident the demands to fund basic necessities are challenging in order to live a somewhat stable life.

Several feelings were exhibited while playing the game, including feels of being overwhelmed, powerless, defeated, hopeless, anxious, worried, isolated, guilty, tired, and stressed. When having to acquire health coverage because it is required by the Affordable Care Act brought on feels of powerless and defeat
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This caused extreme stress due to the cost associated with this illness. Nothing came of this chest pain after visiting the healthcare provider. However, cost of the visit was a big debit in the monthly budget. Then choosing a place to live and determining travel cost became an issue. Deciding those factors, it appeared to be less expensive to live further away from work but travel cost were more expensive. It was quite a dilemma when deciding the proper place to live since travel costs fluctuates. Moreover, purchasing food, deciding which items and how much to buy to last a few weeks appeared to be a

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