Analysis Of Playing The Enemy: Nelson Mandela And The Game That Made A Nation

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Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation by Josh Carlin is an extraordinary read about a nation that no one ever thought would come together as one. As a politician of South Africa and eventually the president, Nelson Mandela, always seemed to know how to win others over. Not only would he win them over, he would develop a connection through his words that made the people feel adoring to his nature. The drive and motivation combined with the smooth talker he was led him to victory in his ultimate goal to bring South Africa racially together. In a game that literally changed the nation, he brought together two diverse groups for an identical cause. Nelson Mandela’s story shows how forgiveness is always an option. Even after twenty-seven years in prison, he would still come out with a lack of hatred. Nelson influenced his enemy through political persuasion showing how respect, kindness and most of all pardon would be more powerful than any deadly weapon could ever be.
The theme of this book has to do with forgiveness and hope all in line with the term “miracle.” The main character of this book is none other than Nelson
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I really didn’t enjoy it but the concept was the only decent part. Learning about Nelson Mandela and the struggle of the apartheid in South Africa was really eye opening. By going into this book without knowing much about Nelson Mandela it was amazing to see the development and how much he changed not only himself but the whole country of South Africa. It demonstrates how one person can make a difference and can change the way people see others. The thing that struck me was how Mandela forgave the people who put in him jail for so long. It shows how forgiveness is always an option. I would recommend this book only because of the meaning behind it. It will be worth it if you can get past all the facts in the beginning of the

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