Playing Sports Is A Wonderful Thing Essays

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Playing sports is a wonderful thing, and if you are on a sports team you get to travel to different places and meet new people. Sports are good for a lot of things, for example; you are exercising in a fun way, and you can hang out with friends. Playing sports are a great way to learn many skills that you are applicable to life, and it is one of the best way to learn sportsmanship. Playing sports in high school not only gives a break from studies, but also gives incentive to get good grades so that students could be eligible to play. Adults should get in the habit of playing sports during their childhood so that they can experience the positive effects of physical, psychological, academic, and many more benefits of exercise.
First off, the reason why we play sports is to get exercise. Getting exercise is a very important thing, but it is more important that the youth get as much exercise as they can. The best thing about team sports is that they require practice and game play. By doing this kids are out there moving, instead of sitting in the house. While some sports involve more running than others, but overall they all require some level of physical activity. Why do kids need to exercise you may ask? Well, the answer to that is to keep kids in shape and healthy. Studies have shown that if you exercise 60 minutes a day for five days a week, you will become healthier and will less likely get sick. Additionally, exercising is beneficial to children’s academics. Studies…

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