Essay Playing Soccer For The Club Soccer Team

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A Lesson Well Learned The majority of the people in the world should understand the difference between making good and bad choices but, there will always be that one situation. If you don’t do something it’s bad but if you do, then it 's still bad. That happened to me once and I hated it. I was invited to my best friends birthday party on the same day of the club playoffs for soccer.My best friend Turi was turning 16. I knew she would never forgive me if I did not go but, I made a commitment to my team when I was voted team captain. Both events were important to me, but one of them had to beat it. When dealing with situations like these the best thing to do is think of which one would have a greater impact or consequence to it.
Playing soccer for the club soccer team is very difficult because it 's at an advanced level. At first it was hard because it was different from what I was familiar with. This was not my level yet and many things were challenged like; skills, body language, sportsmanship, leadership, speed, and finally determination. These teams are top notch.The club teams set high standards for the players, coaches, and team captains. I was super excited when the coaches chose me as team captain but, at the same time it was sort of scary because it was a huge responsibility.
On my invitation, I was chosen to be a special guest at Turi’s sweet 16 birthday party but, it interfered with the club soccer playoffs. Turi has been by my side since preschool. I would…

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