Plato's Philosophy, The Love Of Wisdom

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Philosophy is the love of wisdom. It is derived from the ancient Greeks words, ‘philo’ which means to love and ‘sophia’ meaning wisdom. “To pursue answers to philosophical questions means to court the love of wisdom” (Turnbull, p.2). Philosophers view the world with perspective. They view the world as governed by abstract principles and that ideas are known by reflection. Philosophy has been around for almost 3,000 years. In those 3,000 years many different philosophers proposed their different views to the world. They also wanted to prove others that their philosophy could be changed or does not make any sense. Philosophy is a part of our everyday life.
Without being curious and having questions about the world, we would just be very ignorant.
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An allegory is a story that is stretched for intended meaning and to represent somethings else. It should not be taken literally. The story of cave is about ‘drawing’ the line that separates what is real from what we know. The role of the philosopher in this is to liberate from the shadows and uplift into philosophical knowledge. That is what Plato suggested. He believed that people had to be brought people up the ladder to ascend to pure ideas. Ascending is the mind raising to more universal levels of understanding. This is impossible for sophists to accomplish. The four levels of the cave are the line, the cave, the soul, and social …show more content…
The real world is above the line. We have to ascend to it. Plato suggests that most of these people didn’t want to ascend because of the ignorance taught by sophists. They didn’t want no acquaintance themselves with anything related to being outside the cave. That is where the true knowledge is. They won’t allow themselves to experience anything more than what is in the cave. That is why this fourth and last level is about the social implications of leaving the cave and experiencing the real world. The sophists are responsible for this. They do not want anyone to know anything beyond their teachings. Sophists would have stayed in the cave never leave. They are not capable of ascending top any upper levels. They do not want to ascend over the line into the abstract reality of life. They can’t see anything expect the wall of the

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