How Did Socrates Influence Plato's Life

Many great philosophers came from Greece. They impacted the country of Greece, and many other parts of the world. People still learn from their great works, and teachings. They set foundations for many countries and many rulers through their ideas. They helped better the society and made life a bit easier. These men could have possibly been the most influential men of this time period. One of the greatest philosophers of all times was Socrates. Socrates was born 470 B.C., in Athens, Greece. Plato and Xenophon were his students, who made Socrates know through their writings of him. No ones knows for sure if everything recorded about Socrates is true, because the only writings made about him were from those two students. His physical appearance …show more content…
No one knows for sure what exactly caused Plato 's death, but it is certain he died in Athens, in 348 BC. Some believe he died at a wedding, others believe he died in his sleep. (
Aristotle was born in 384 BC, in Stagira, Greece. Aristotle was enrolled into Plato 's Academy in Athens. At the time, Athens was known to be highest in education. Aristotle kept a close relationship with Plateau while attending his school. After Plato died, Aristotle thought he would take his position as director, but they had contradicting ideas on some philosophical ideas, which caused him not to get the spot. ( Aristotle went back home some years later, and got the opportunity to tutor Alexander the Great. Him and his father held him to a high standard, and he became part of the macedonian court. Whenever Alexander had become king, Aristotle got permission by him to open up his own school. He would call it Lyceum. The student there had a range of things to study there, and a lot of the writer and built up the archives there. They are known for one of the first libraries because of all the writings. He was a writer, teacher, and a researcher there, but it all ended whenever Alexander died. He was charged with impunity when he died, and Aristotle fled to Chalcis so he wouldn 't be executed.

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