Plato's Impact On The Life Of Socrates

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Many great philosophers came from Greece. They impacted the country of Greece, and many other parts of the world. People still learn from their great works, and teachings. They set foundations for many countries and many rulers through their ideas. They helped better the society and made life a bit easier. These men could have possibly been the most influential men of this time period. One of the greatest philosophers of all times was Socrates. Socrates was born 470 B.C., in Athens, Greece. Plato and Xenophon were his students, who made Socrates know through their writings of him. No ones knows for sure if everything recorded about Socrates is true, because the only writings made about him were from those two students. His physical appearance was not up to the standard of what Athenian males were supposed to be. He was short and stocky, with bug eyes and a pig nose. This helped Socrates and his …show more content…
He was taught the doctrines of Cratylus, Pythagoras, and also Parmenides. These doctrines are where he gained his foundation and his study of metaphysics and epistemology. Socrates is known to be Plato 's biggest motivator and role model. Socrates execution is what officially made up his mind on dedicating his life to philosophy. (
In the first period of Plato 's writings and traveling, he wrote The Apology of Socrates, Protagoras, Euthyphro, and also Hippias Major and Minor and Ion. In these writings he was trying to get Socrates message out. In his second period he put his own ideas out on justice courage, and moderation of society. He wrote The Republic in this time period. In his third time period, he really took the time for his own ideas, and stopped looking so much into Socrates ideas. He started really looking into art, and also ethics and morality. He decided the the world of ideas was the only thing constant, and the perceived world is something that can be changed.

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