Essay about Plato

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Plato was a philosopher from Greece who lived from 424BC until the time of his death in 347BC. Plato belonged to an aristocratic and influential lineage. His father was Artiston, a descent of king Dorus of Athens. Plato’s mother was Peritonea from a lineage of famous lawmakers and poets in Athens. Plato was, however, raised with difficulty after his father died. As a student, Plato studied under the guidance of his teacher, Socrates. Plato played an essential role of laying the foundation for western philosophy and science. Socrates taught Plato about basic philosophy and dialectic methods of inquiry in the quest for truth. The basic learning acquired form Plato formed a basis from where Plato established his philosophies (Benjamin, …show more content…
Unfortunately, in 529 AD the academy was shut down by the then leader emperor Justinian. Around the time of establishing the academy, Plato made further studies into his philosophical works and wrote articles such as symposium, the republic and cratylus. Plato continued teaching at the academy up the time of his death in 347BC. Among his students was Aristotle, another renowned philosopher.

Plato viewed belief as “an activity that presupposes cognitive access to intelligible”. Plato believed that any capacity that involved understanding belonged to the reasoning aspect of the soul. However, a grasp of from is not a mean towards reasoning. This view is made in Plato’s writing such as republic where he states that reasoning is not dependent on form describing souls (Lott, 2011). Plato quickly pointed out that the virtue of reason never loses its power even amongst illiterate individual. What Plato was trying to put across was that all mankind have the aspect of reason within then. Reason is devoid of one’s education level as it is inborn.

Plato proposes the theory of reality, for example metaphysic. In his quest to understand the existence of things, he questioned the physical and abstract forms that exist around us. He also questioned the relation between forms. Plato viewed metaphysics as the visible world which consists of those things below the main line. In this statement, Plato

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