Plato 's Views On Ethics And Morality Essay

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1) God has placed the desire for happiness in the human heart. The desire for happiness is connected with ethics and morality. All ethical theories insist that ethics is after the good.
Plato says that nowhere do we find good, we only find good things. Like beauty; it can be found in things but you cannot find beauty itself. Plato said that reason finds the good that pervades everything. The highest pursuit in life is to contemplate the good. The closest we come to the good is in contemplation. As philosophers, by contemplating the good they are also closest to the good. They 're happy because they know how to act in accordance with beliefs. They make true choices about the value and worth of their actions, thus resulting in happiness. Plato fought against “sophists” who claimed that there was no truth, only opinion, which is ruled by basic needs and desires rather than reason. Plato argued that it is through reason that we find the good.
Aristotle said that all people aspire to some good and all seek to be happy. The search for the good deals with acting intelligently rather than following one’s inclinations (sensual pleasures). According to Aristotle, the good is to be found in God, his contemplation is of the good within all things. His advice is to avoid extremes because someone who aims at the middle ground is a good and wise person, a happy person. People do not find the good, but they can find a good- something real such as my health. Aristotle taught that the good…

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