Plato 's Theory Of Ideal Forms Essay

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Plato is correct in his belief of the Theory of Ideal Forms. Everything has only one true form while everything else is an imperfect replica. Many ideals are sought after in the physical world but may not be reached. These ideals, however may not be reached, have certain forms that represent them. These forms are not perfect and are simply copies that lead us to believe we have found the ideal. The idea that there are imperfect copies that represent certain ideals comes from Plato’s Theory of Ideal Forms. There is one original form for everything. There are also many things that resemble the original but these are imperfect in some way. These imperfect copies still have something in common with the original despite not perfectly representing them. For example, there is one original form of dogs that is not found on Earth. The forms of dogs that are on Earth are the different forms representing the original. These forms can be seen as a German Shepherd, Poodle, Golden Retriever, or a Labrador Retriever. Because there are so many different types of dogs none of these can be viewed as the original version of a dog. The same could be said for ideas such as justice. There are many forms of justice but none of these forms are the same and may not represent the perfect form of justice. Diairesis is directly related to the Theory of Ideal Forms. Diairesis is sorting according to kind. This sorting is used to separate forms of ideas from each other. This method is useful when…

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