Plato 's The Republic Plato Essay

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In Plato’s The Republic Plato sets out to come up with a definition of justice that appeals to human psychology rather than perceived behavior. He talks about a couple different kinds of justice. One is political justice, which he defines as harmony in a structured political body. To him an ideal society consists of three classes- the lower class, the warriors and the rulers. A society is just when the relations between these classes is just right. Each class must perform only their function and be in the right position of power in relation to the others. What he is saying is that each person must fulfill their societal roles and not try to wander from those roles.
For example, in his view, the ruling class would be composed of philosophers, the warrior class composed of the soldiers and police, and the lower class composed of the farmers and craftsmen. In book IV he claims that individual justice is the same as political justice. There are three parts of the soul- the appetite, spirit and reason. Each of these classes matches one aspect of a person’s soul. The lower class is linked to appetite, and they control the wealth. The warrior class lives by a code of honor, and the ruling class is linked to reason . Plato claims that justice is the same in the soul and the state. There is justice when each part is in harmony with the others. In order for justice to remain, each person has to “do their own work” and not mess with another’s work. According to Plato, justice will not…

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